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Pico Park is a team game where you and your friends solve puzzles together. Everyone's task is to find the key to pass the level. That's the only way we can win

About Pico Park

Pico Park has many challenging puzzles and obstacles that require teamwork and communication.

Mission of Pico Park

In this game, you and your friends must collect keys to open doors to pass levels. In this maze, the developers divided it into many levels and challenges. To open a door, you must take the key to that door. Talk with friends to identify keys in hard-to-reach locations

How to control

Pico Park allows 2-8 players to participate. Each player controls a different character and all players must work together to complete the levels. Control with arrow keys, WASD, TFGH or IJKL keys.

  • Arrow keys or WASD keys to move
  • Up key or spacebar to jump
  • Down key or C key to crouch
  • To get the key, go through it. To open the door, walk up to the door and press the enter key.

Challenge of Pico Park game

Pico Park has prepared puzzles or obstacles that you must overcome when you encounter them to complete the level. Some of the obstacles here are

  • Spikes: One of the most dangerous obstacles you will face. If you step on these spikes, the consequences will cause you to play the level again from the beginning. So be very careful when meeting them.
  • Gaps: Next are invisible gaps on the road that will be very difficult for the naked eye to perceive. Just one slip and you will fall into the hole below. So be careful, observe your journey carefully to avoid unfortunate events from happening.
  • Boxes: If you know how to use them, these boxes will become support tools. When you encounter a ladder that is too high to jump on or a gap that is too wide, use your health to push or pull the box and then step on it to overcome obstacles that prevent you from reaching the finish line.
  • Switch: Not only to turn on and off electric light bulbs, but in this game, you can use switches to open locked doors or change the game scene to another scene.

Game Modes

World Mode

World mode is the main mode of the game. This mode has 48 levels and is divided into 12 parts. Each part will have different themes to create a new feeling for players such as Going Together, Time Limit and Gimmick.

When playing each level of Pico Park, you must cooperate with your companion to split up to find the key. You and your friend must find the key to pass the levels. Because communication and teamwork skills are emphasized most in the game, the more you and your partner understand each other, the sooner you can complete these challenges.

Battle Mode

In Battle mode, you must compete with people you once considered teammates to win. And in this mode, you can choose four different challenges to express yourself.

First, we have Height Battle. This is a level that can also be called a test of your jumping ability. Here, you will have to jump into the air for a limited amount of time by the game developers. During this time, the person who jumps the highest will win and become the champion. It sounds difficult but just concentrate a little, your jumping skills are a little better and you will have a chance to win.

Next up is the Region Battle mode; Different from the previous mode, Region Battle is a strategy game. Apply your strategic thinking skills to invade your opponents' territory and gradually take over their area. The winner is the one who takes the most territory from the opponent when there are only two people left in the ring.

If agility and bullet dodging skills are your strong points, then we invite you to join the next mode, Jump Battle. In this level, our game makers have designed bullets to hang suspended in the sky. And when the starting signal comes, these high-damage bullets will fall. Your task is very simple: use your bullet dodging skills and flexible movement to avoid these bullets and prevent them from falling on you. The winner will be the last person standing on the stage without being affected by the bullets falling like rain. This is truly a tense and heart-stopping game. However, it will tell us how fast our reflexes are when encountering unexpected situations.

And finally, the Stopwatch challenge is the final level you must pass. One new thing at this level is that instead of playing alone, you will play with teammates. Let's overcome the game's challenges together, press the buttons together to stop the countdown timer. If the time has passed and you and your teammates still cannot press the button, there will be surprises waiting for you ahead.

Endless Mode

Endless mode is a solo mode but has no time limit. So, your task in this mode is to try to get the highest score possible. Like Battle mode, Endless mode also has four different challenges waiting for you to experience.

The first thing not to be missed is the Endless Jump challenge. Your mission when participating in this challenge is to try to jump to reach the highest possible height. However, be careful because there are countless obstacles scattered in the sky with the purpose of preventing you from surpassing the highest record.

If you are too bored with the Endless Jump challenge, the next challenge will completely change your experience of this game. And without making you wait too long, we present the next mode, Endless Puzzle mode. In this challenge, the game developer will give you puzzles, your task is to solve them as quickly as possible. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the faster you solve the puzzle, the higher your score will be. But these puzzles are not easy at all, so they need your full concentration.

If in the above section there is a rain of bullets challenge for you to experience, in Endless mode there is an Endless Scroll challenge to help you experience new feelings, concentration and the spirit of non-stop running. When participating in this challenge, the longer you run, the faster your running speed will increase, then unexpected obstacles will appear in your way. Therefore, in addition to having to concentrate highly, quick reflexes will also be applied a lot in this challenge.

Moreover, if you want to become an online pilot, Endless Plane is where you will help you realize that dream. Take control of a plane and move through mazes or walls. It is a test of agility and precision to see if you are suitable to be a pilot. Please note that in this mode, the longer you stay in the air, the higher your score will increase.

Tips for playing Pico Park

Here are some tips for playing game:

  • Regularly communicate with group members to discuss methods to overcome levels
  • Don't hesitate to change your playing method when encountering difficult levels
  • No need to be too stressed, relax and enjoy the entertainment moment in the game with your friends

Pico Park will bring challenging but also rewarding moments of fun when playing with friends. If you are looking for a fun and challenging game to play with friends then this game is for you.